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    Saturday, January 6, 2018

    Kash Doll’s charisma is extremely important for her character #Detroit

    Studies show that people latch onto leaders for there personality and outlook on life more than their actual politics, in most occasions. It’s why charisma is so important; having tremendous amounts of it puts you at the top of society where people will look to you for guidance. Think about superheroes and supervillains – particularly Superman And Lex Luthor. The latter never had a superpower – he was a billionaire philanthropist with a serious hate for Superman, matching the hero with wit alone. He was very likable, which made Superman’s match of power all-the-more interesting. That, and the fact that Luthor lacked any superpower whatsoever.

    Kash Doll isn’t a villain, nor a superhero, but she exudes so much charisma that she’s changing the perception of women in rap altogether. The former exotic dancer stepped off the stripping stage onto a performing one in an effortless move, gracefully utilizing her talents to build a career on-par with Cardi B, a fellow former-dancer who’s become one of the biggest new rappers in the game. But Cardi B had the backing of social media and television to grow her superstar. Kash Doll only has had herself to push, and she succeeds in remarkable fashion.

    Her music is commanding, sometimes sexual, and always motivating. This three-punch combo leads to positive reviews from fans always, showing her testament to releasing quality music as well as quality control. Her charismatic releases garnered the attention of fellow Detroit star Big Sean, whose history of not putting on artists from the city has been noticed by a number of Detroit artists. Sean enlisted Kash Doll’s talents for “So Good” which drew national spotlight to her seductive voice and blatant sexual lyricism.

    Her looks are nothing short of spectacular, but her brain is what gets her the success she’s had. She’s made smart move after move, knowing when to speak on things and when to just let them ride. Rumors circulated that she was free of a sticky contract situation, and instead of confirming or denying, she just retweets anyone talking about it. She’s stoking the fire, not attempting to control it. This method is genius in staying in the loop and informing fans while leaving them to speculate and increase conversation around the matter.

    As 2018 goes in full-swing, expect Kash Doll’s charisma to elevate her into superstardom. She’s made it so far off her charisma alone and has had alarming success. Imagine when the world gets behind her and how she will continue to push the envelope. Now that is something to imagine seeing.

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