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    Friday, January 5, 2018

    Meet Kirk Remekie the CEO and founder of "Making It Look Kool" (M.I.L.K) apparel @MILK_Apparel

    Kirk Remekie is the CEO and founder of "Making It Look Kool" apparel also known as M.I.L.K. Kirk created M.I.L.K Apparel in 2016. M.I.L.K is a family brand geared towards sport, education and positive lifestyle. The goal for M.I.L.K is to become a household brand known for giving back to communities, schools, hospitals etc. Kirk is also the creator of “Making It Look Kool" which is also a vendor for the Dept of education currently providing Kool shimmer uniforms for a few schools. To help expand the brand we are currently involved in :

    -DOE-Provide Kool shimmer school uniforms

    -Sponsor local Community events

    -Various Pop up shops & fashion shows

    Social media @ http://ift.tt/2F5Ty4q, http://ift.tt/2lYCYuh , http://www.twitter.com/MILK_Apparel

    Take a look at some of his pieces below and click on the website link above to purchase.

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