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    Friday, January 5, 2018

    Spotlight: ShredGang Mone’s “Realest” is a sentimental trip into the past #Detroit

    ShredGang Mone has been killing the rap scene since his debut album Gangstas Move In Silence in 2016. His powerful, serious delivery makes him one of Detroit’s fiercest rhymers; also one of it’s most terrorizing forces. Each of his new releases gets the star treatment, handled with intense care because we don’t get as much music from him as we’d like. He’s back again with another doozy of a track, the powerful “Realest” that looks at the past to gain insight into the present.

    “Them hard days eating noodles and them pancakes” kicks off a rousing trip into the past and look into what makes ShredGang Mone the solemn wordsmith that he is today. The track comes with production that manages to be both simple and elegant, making Mone’s words deliver in ways that really strike home with what he’s saying. The accompanying visual is simple as well, utilizing crisp colors and camera work to make Mone’s vision come to life.

    Check out the visual for “Realest” below.


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