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    Friday, January 12, 2018

    Spotlight: Young Roc’s “Gone Till November” still cranks #Detroit

    In a land full of melodic rappers who know how to ride beats, Roc stands out at his sheer ability to excel at it. We previously covered his magnetic single “Upp,” remarking how refreshing the single was and how it shows a new side to Detroit’s rap scene. Another one of his tracks that we’ve been hung up on is “Gone Til November” which exhibits this same sense of melodic delight.

    The production is silky smooth like Jodeci meets contemporary trap. Young Roc does his thing, as usual, finding a delicate balance between singing and rapping that’s hard for most rappers to do. Featured artist Nasaan holds his own against Roc’s melodies with his own, creating a track that’s been stuck in our heads for a while.

    Check out Young Roc’s “Gone Till November” below.



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