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    Friday, January 12, 2018

    Throwback Spotlight: Cash Kidd’s “On My Mama” #Detroit

    Cash Kidd revealed in an interview with DJ Vlad that his video for “On My Mama” was the first visual that he ever shot. Despite that, he looked at home in it, rapping with confidence and gusto. Combining that with the song’s classic Detroit feel and how relatable it was, it would go on to accumulate more than 9 million views in over three years. That’s a feat that many videos don’t ever see.

    4746 Global is the record label lucky enough to have Cash Kidd call home. He represents the true streets of Detroit, and his immensely likable personality only strengthen’s his appeal to the average person. “On My Mama” showcases this personality and swagger in such a way that the song became a hit almost instantaneously. It’s a beautiful record that grows more magnetic the more that you listen to it.

    Check out “On My Mama” below.


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