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    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    Throwback Spotlight: Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” was an absorbing reggae-influenced listen #Detroit

    “Try Me” starts with a soft trill of notes dreamily calling out to the listener, claiming that what they are about to hear is blissful and soothing. Then the reggae-esque drums drop and the song begins on a legendary note. Dej Loaf probably didn’t know it then, but she created one of the best songs of the year with one of the catchiest, simplest, refrains of all time. It would go on to become one of Detroit’s most memorable songs and an entry point from mainstream America to access the unique sound of Detroit’s rap scene.

    Dej’s lyricality on the song was graphic, yet delightful. “Let a nigga try me, try me, and I’m gonna get his whole motherfuckin’ family,” she sang so elegantly on the chorus. Surprisingly, the song was full of melodies and vocal runs that belied its violent nature, creating something that would become a viral hit before the likes of 6ix9ine  and Lil Pump existed.

    The sultry production produced by DDS along with Loaf’s contributions an amazing record that still gets spins nearly four years later. Loaf has since evolved her sound away from the trap-roots of her original music, but there will always be a place for this record in nearly every playlist.

    Check out “Try Me” below.


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