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    Friday, January 5, 2018

    Video: “Let It In” by BandGang Masoe #Detroit

    BandGang has been putting some serious pressure on the music industry by coming hard for the new year. Their latest, “Let It In,” is the perfect trap-flavored morsel to satiate hungry fans, anxious for more from Masoe – the group’s hidden jewel. The video is of the highest cinematic quality and tells a story that borders on hilarious. The entire package manages to sell a good song and make it into a great one.

    The song’s production is reminiscent of classic drill and trap associated with producers like Lex Luger and Zaytoven. Over the production, BandGang Masoe raps vigorously and with gusto – he’s clearly in his zone this outing. Combining the classic production with a maniacal flow and you have a recipe that yields great results.

    The visual is pretty funny, even if it’s being serious. Masoe and some masked associates kidnap a presumed record label executive who refuses to sign BandGang for one reason or another. Masoe then delivers the bars that are intended for the listener, to the tied up executive. It’s downright hilarious, especially the subtitles at the beginning.

    Check out “Let It In” below or on Worldstar.


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