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    Sunday, February 11, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: @OfficialYID Preaches To The Masses In “Love Me Back” #Detroit

    Listening to your OGs can save you a lot of trouble. These are people who’ve experienced what your either living in, pretending to be a part of, or what you’re currently involved in but unaware of the potential outcomes. They’re usually the most grizzled of veterans, old in age, yet wise and compassionate in their teachings. YID is the latest in this line of street veterans, but he’s much younger than his lyricism makes him appear. On his new track “Love Me Back,” his street life past and future are bared for all to see in a somber, perplexing listen about the dangers of this kind of lifestyle. His raps are powerful and plain; a conscious choice to show what lies in his heart without any gimmicks.

    The visual reaffirms this straight-forward approach. There aren’t any foreign cars or naked women; it’s just YID, a chair, and a stern-telling to the camera. If you’ve ever had questions about the street life or would like to know what truly comes with it, we feel like YID’s new video will be exactly what you need to see.

    Take a few minutes and check out “Love Me Back” below.



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