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    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: @Saweetiie ‘s “Icy Girl” Still Cranks Hard #Detroit

    There’s something about a beautiful woman, confident in her appearance and demeanor that makes her a force to be reckoned with. Society constantly reinforces impossible standards and unfair metrics for women to measure themselves against, and we understand that it can be hard. But when a woman can rise against these standards and celebrate her feminine whiles, it makes us shiver inside. Saweetie is that woman, and “Icy Girl Freestyle” is her declaration of self-love, confidence, and future successes.

    To start it off, Saweetie is damn near flawless. She has crystal clear skin, a beautiful set of lips, and an all-knowing smirk that lets you know she knows exactly what you’re thinking before you can even say it. In the video for “Icy Girl Freestyle,” her figure is shown tastefully time and time again, and the sight never gets old. She’s gifted in more ways than one.

    In addition to being beautiful, she’s a fierce rapper. Her flow is near unmatched in the entire industry and her delivery makes her someone to watch, without question. On “Icy Girl Freestyle” she delivers each line with zest and a certain pep that sells it hard, sending icy daggers into the heart with pinpoint precision. It’s an amazing listen that really shows her creativity as an artist while creating the groundwork for the future.

    All of this leads us to a hot take that may get us in trouble. Saweetie’s “Icy Girl Freestyle” is better than Khia ‘s “My Neck, My Back.” They use the same beat, but the songs are completely different from each other. Saweetie’s has more emotion and swagger than Khia’s, but who are we to judge. Let’s just continue enjoying good music.

    Check out the video for “Icy Girl” below.


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