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    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    Bay Area Spotlight: @SOBxRBE ‘s “Carpoolin'” Is Crazy, Hectic Fun #Detroit

    Amidst the tremendous amount of success that SOB x ROE has been having lately, it’s a perfect time for the collective to come together for new music. And that’s just what they did; they announced that a new project called Gangin is set to drop on Feb. 23. In addition to the revelation, they also released the first track from the upcoming collaboration, an insane single called “Carpoolin’.”

    Think “Bay Area Bounce x 10” and you’ll get a rough idea of what this song entails. It’s fast and unforgiving, brutal and honest. But it’s also a damn good time. The collective sounds like they’re having fun amidst all of the success that they’re seeing, and it’s good to hear their camaraderie. You can tell that, outside of music, these guys are real friends. Another thing that works for this release is the production by Joe$$. It’s like he took a classic West-Coast beat, played it 4 times fast, then placed random scratches in it. Describing it shouldn’t take more than one word: brilliant. Hopefully, the collective notes the chemistry they have with this producer so we can get similar music in the future.

    Listen to “Carpoolin'” below.

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