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    Friday, February 9, 2018

    @CashkiddMarc & @ImAsianDoll Show Serious Artistic Chemistry In “Next To Me” #Detroit

    Michigan and Texas collide in Cash Kidd and Asian Doll’s new collaboration “Next To Me.” Asian Doll starts off the proceedings with talk about a shooter, using her angry flow to set the tone. Right behind her comes Cash Kidd, the two showing some real chemistry together on the track as they alternate verses. The visual itself is pretty simple, yet effective. The two recite their verses in a nice locale, standing on furniture to show their discord with societal rules.

    Bringing it back to their chemistry, the two sound really good together. In fact, if the two were to do more collaborations, it would probably benefit both of their careers. We have yet to hear someone who can really keep up with Asian Doll bar for bar on tracks, but Cash Kidd may be the balance she needs to truly grow from an already impressive space. Cash Kidd would get some serious exposure working with Doll that would help to grow his budding career as well.

    The video for “Next To Me” is below.


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