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    Friday, February 2, 2018

    Review: @Tee_Grizzley Channels Detroit’s Signature Sound In “Colors” #Detroit

    There’s a certain, unconscious sound that makes up the back-end of Detroit’s rap scene. It can be characterized as a bouncy, anti-trap smorgasbord of drums and hi-hats; you won’t find it anywhere else in the country. While difficult to put into words and explain, it’s what has become Detroit’s calling card. The unique sound makes each release from the city easily identifiable and wholly unique, showcasing the city’s individuality in a genre full of copycats and like-sounded individuals.

    On Tee Grizzley’s new release “Colors,” this sound is immediately apparent amidst the repeating piano keys that give Detroit’s signature some added vibrancy. Whether he’s riding through Atlanta with Lil Yachty or traveling to California in search of good dope, Grizzley dances upon the track’s light production with ease. It’s a relatively straightforward release – nothing too out of the ordinary in Grizzley’s growing impressive discography – that serves as the first release from his upcoming album Activated.

    Where he goes from My Moment remains to be seen. On that project, Grizzley’s initial reach for mainstream prominence caused him to look for a wide discrepancy of beats, checking off the list of probable hits by notable producers. “Colors” is reminiscent of this same sound that was explored on “From The D To The A”; the song may signal a focus towards celebrating the sound that Detroit is known for. If so, it will be an exciting project that will be sure to open the world up to the city’s intricacies.

    Listen to “Colors” below.

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