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    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    Spotlight: @PhilthyRichFOD Owns @JODYHiGHROLLER On “Big Ballers” #Detroit

    When we listen to Riff Raff – which isn’t often, admittedly – we do so for a good laugh. He’s not a traditional lyricist by any means; he values shock and aesthetic versus crafting complex lines. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all, we do listen to Lil B. So while it may not be our particular cup of tea, we can see how people like his music and support him. In addition to rapping, he’s a likeable guy, plus he has an outrageous personality that’s just magnetic.

    Riff Raff made one of the best moves he’s made in years. For his new song “Big Ballers,” he enlisted Philthy Rich and DollaBillGates to help ground his zaniness and expand his audience. The results?


    That’s our reaction after playing Philthy’s verse initially. Over the outlandish extension of trap production that Raff so eloquently provides, Philthy lets loose with a swaggerful verse that practically screams “This is my song, go away now” to the other two artists. It’s, seriously, the centerpiece of the song, for good measure. Without it, “Big Ballers” would feel incomplete; Riff Raff is a little too crazy for the grounded (yet spacey) production to make sense of it. Philthy, once again, shows his ability to be the glue that binds the tracks together.

    Check out “Big Ballers” below and fast forward to Philthy’s verse. You’re welcome.



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