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    Saturday, February 3, 2018

    Track Spotlight: Sosa Wap’s “Boof Blunt” Is One Of The Hardest Tracks We’ve Heard In A Minute #Detroit

    Let’s cut to the chase. Sosa Wap’s “Boof Blunt” is hard. So hard that it’ll melt your car speakers if played loud enough. It’s impossible not to vibe really hard to this; the classic trap beat makes use of 808s so smoothly that it successfully channels Lex Luger’s foundational trap beats of the early 2010s. There’s so much to like about the production that it can be elaborated on for paragraphs. At its essence, its simplicity and heavy-handed execution make it a must-listen for bass enthusiasts.

    Now if Sosa Wap went on this type of production and rapped at his hardest, it wouldn’t have worked. 808-heavy beats require a certain level of rap finesse; the rhymes must be felt, not telegraphed. Sosa’s rhymes fit this vision; they’re extremely simple, yet, drawn out. Because of how they’re stretched to fit across the beat, they accentuate the bass’ heavy-handedness beautifully.

    Notice that we called for a Track Spotlight instead of a Video Spotlight. In all honesty, the visual is pretty barebones. We wanted to accentuate the song itself for what it is; a strong, beat-thumping banger.

    Check out Sosa Wap’s “Boof Blunt” below.



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