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    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    Video Spotlight: @allstarjr2724 Speaks To The Fans With “Let The Game Be The Game” #Detroit

    AllStar JR has released a visual for the soulful, heartfelt “Let The Game Be The Game.” It’s a beautiful track that should be the next pushed song from Organized Crime because of how different it sounds than anything out, also because it hones into the soulful aesthetic JR has already created for himself. The visual itself is moving as well, with director 2M Digital using plenty of slow-mo shots, haze clouds, and striking lightning in the background to create a wholly unique video. It’s more than your standard music video fare, yet deceptively simple as well. Actually, it’s pretty hard to explain. You’re better off checking it out for yourself.

    If you appreciate the song and the video, make sure to download AllStar JR’s recently remixed Organized Crime. You’ll find more of this same strong, soulful music as well as the signature Detroit bounce that has come to be expected of rappers of this high of a caliber. He puts his own unique spin on well and worn tropes that well warrants a listen.

    Watch the video for “Let The Game Be The Game” below.


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