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    Monday, February 5, 2018

    Video Spotlight: @Allstarjr2724 Switches It Up In “Cold Out” #Detroit

    When you think of AllStar JR’s discography, what kind of production do you believe he frequents? If I had to narrow it down, I would say his releases usually fall into either one of two categories: soulful, gigantic production or unabashedly Detroit style. Not to say that he isn’t an adventurous artist – his familiar use of production allows him to push the boundaries of his music in ways that make him one of the best in the city. On his new release “Cold Out,” it’s almost as if he realizes his subconscious fascination with these beat types and decides to go in another direction altogether – almost SoundCloud-like in execution.

    What exactly is SoundCloud-like? It’s a mix of trap aesthetics and cloud-rap stylings. There’s a certain bounce to its quick step and thudding bass that usually have autotuned vocals as the pairing mechanism elevating the production to the next level. The trap aesthetics are quickly apparent in “Cold Out” ‘s otherworldly, snappy production. It’s an odd song; yet, creative in execution. It’s by far, one of our favorite releases from him.

    With a track this good, it’s only right that the visual be more than standard video fare. And that it is, director 2M Digital invokes a sense of creativity into the proceedings that make it a visual treat. My favorite aspect is the clever use of blue lighting for some key scenes at the beginning that really pull the viewer in, prepping them for the idea that anything’s possible.

    Watch the video for “Cold Out” below.


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