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    Sunday, February 4, 2018

    Video Spotlight: @AllStarYoungLee Takes A Trip To “White Castle” #Detroit

    When you think of White Castle, what do you think of? The chain’s infamous cheeseburger sliders? You aren’t the only one. When AllStar Lee says “Meet me at the White Castle” at the beginning of the track, you want to believe that he’s going there to get some burgers. But, because of the street life, that, unfortunately, isn’t the reason. After receiving some small bags of a mystery drug, the mystique of White Castle grows even more because of the ambiguity of the staff. Who gave it to him? Does anyone even notice him filming? These questions and more swirl around as Lee uses his trademark flow to unleash a barrage of bars that place him at the city’s top tier of prospective rappers.

    Take a look at “White Castle” below.


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