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    Saturday, February 3, 2018

    Video Spotlight: Asianae Uses Seduction To Entice Viewers In The Sultry Video For “Waiting” #Detroit

    If there’s one thing that the history of music videos tells us, it’s that scantily clad women in bedrooms is a sure way to a well-received music video. Instead of using a woman as a prop – something we don’t condone by the way – Asianae is the woman clad in beautiful lingerie.  She plays the lead in the sexy video, a welcome change from women in the scene acting as nothing more than accessories for sexual arousal. Her visual is simple yet compelling, sexual yet tasteful.

    Her classic R & B- flavored song details her waiting for a lover on top of a bed adorned with rose petals. While she sings passionately to the camera, cuts of her smiling, biting her lip, and reveling in her amazing sex appeal frequently pass through. These elements combine for a sexy video for a song that will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to many pregnancies come Valentine’s Day.

    Check out the visual for ” Waiting” below.


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