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    Saturday, February 3, 2018

    Video Spotlight: @ImAsianDoll Kills Her Verse On Bhad Bhabie’s “Hi Bich (Remix)” #Detroit

    Now, before we get started with this analysis, we’re not supporting or dissing Bhad Bhabie. We’re respectively dancing around the question of is she a good rapper or not, or if she deserves to be here. Those are questions for the people who actively consume her music. We’re covering this song because of Asian Doll’s guest verse, which we have to say is pretty damn spectacular.

    Bhad Bhabie dissed Iggy Azalea in a song aptly titled “Hi Bich” – this much, we know. But what we didn’t know is that Bhad Bhabie released a star-studded remix featuring the likes of Rich The Kid, MadeInTyo, and Asian Doll to help elevate public perception of her. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but one’s thing clear – Asian Doll dismantles the track at its seams thanks to an amazing verse utilizing a number of flows.

    It’s almost as if Asian Doll wanted Bhad Babie to regret asking her for a feature. When Asian Doll comes in, she rages with triplets awash some heavy, distorted bass. The effect is hard to describe but utterly spectacular. “Bitch is deceased/Smoking on dick, she ain’t better than me” she speaks breathlessly, only strengthening her delivery from there. It may be brief, but it’s the highlight of the track. A sure boost in interest for Doll is sure to come after this verse and we can’t wait to see where her new star power will take her.

    Check out the video for “Hi Bich (Remix)” below.


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