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    Submit Your Music To Be Heard Here For Less Than $1

    Music Promotion by marketing and branding experts

    Get Music Promotion From Marketing & Branding Experts

    Have your own marketing and promotion team for your music projects

    Get the best music promotion from marketing and branding experts

    Get the most out of your music, by getting your music to music lovers that want to hear you. Our team of social media experts, artist representatives, publishers and more have the skills to get you noticed. ENDS Music Promotion will increase your songs search appearance and your popularity as an artist.

    Our Process

    1. Once receive your information, our staff will create our own article(s) featuring your music.
    2. Your music will then be published on our site and our affiliate site(s), while also notify you, our subscribers, Dj's & AR's of your new music release by email.
    3. Once published on our site and we notified our following and community of music influences, then we will publish your content on our social media platforms and to our social media influencers.
    3(b). (Depending on service selected) we will submit your music to our streaming service and our radio service. 

    If you choose our monthly service (Artist PR & Marketing)
    4)  We will follow your social profiles and music career and share and repost your music media and accomplishments to our profiles and blogs keeping fans and followers up to date with your career.
    5) We will feature your content monthly to draw your music more traffic.
    6) When you create music, tour performs or create merchandise, we will notify our fans and follow steps 1,2,3 for all new music updates we find out about or receive.
    7) Recieve email updates of your article progress, and music opportunities
    Why choose our music services?
    1. Increase artist and brand awareness 
    2. Radio spins & music streams of your latest releases 
    3. Blogs mentions that will increase your clout and credibility making you more discoverable 
    4. Reach more DJ's and promoter for booking opportunities =$$
    5. Create relationship with artist for feature opportunities  = $$
    6. Focus more time on making music & performing
    7. Have your music reach a global audience 
    8. Spend less money to have your own music PR & marketing team
    9. 12 to 24hr support response time 

    See our music packages below

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